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caribbean MENU

Our Caribbean food is bold, flavorful, spicy, hot, fresh, and truly representative of a world cuisine that stands on its own

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Ropa vieja 

Braised skirt steak, red pepper-coriander broth.


Boneless chicken thighs

Pan seared, spicy coconut curry, aji amarillo.

Trap-caught maine black sea bass

Open flame grilled, spicy mango salsa.

The paradise salad

Baby greens, grisp romaine, sweet corn,

tomatoes, red mango, hearts of palm, toasted coconut with cilantro-cumin vinaigrette.

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Coconut fried rice

Caramelized garlic, roasted sweet onions.


Okinawan sweet potatoes

Oven roasted-pan finished purple potato cakes.


Pan seared ripe plantains, fresno chili & mint mojo.

our treat

Dark chocolate alfajor cookie

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