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Fried chicken sandwich

Panko-crusted chicken breast, lemon-basil aioli,

kosher dill pickles, serrano pepper & carrot slaw.

Portobello mushroom sandwich 

Chimichurri roasted portobello caps, house made

toasted Almond pesto, garden tomatoes, sweet

basil, baby greens, provolone, fresh cracked pepper, pink river salt.

Tortiglioni pasta

House made toasted almond pesto, pan melted tomatoes, reggianito cheese, sweet basil, fresh lemon zest.

Angus burger

6 oz. angus beef patty, smoked pepper mayo,

garden tomatoes, baby greens, roasted

pepper-onion blend, provolone cheese.

Spicy cheddar burger

6 oz. angus beef patty, spicy harissa ketchup,

garden tomatoes, baby greens, grilled purple

onions, california sharp cheddar.

Grilled chicken sandwich

Sundried tomato aioli, garden tomatoes, swiss

cheese, sweet basil, smoked piquillo peppers

and baby greens.


French Fries with garlic, reggianito,

fresh lemon zest & herbs.

French fries seasoned with mediterranean sea salt.


Garlic-roasted cauliflower, california EVOO,

reggianito cheese & fresh lemon zest.


Fresh squeezed lemonade, pineapple,

ginger and basil.

Mini double churro  with brown

sugar with cinnamon spice.

Sweet Treats