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With a strong aromatic component that features such flavors as citrus and herbs such as lime, coriander/cilantro 

British columbia wild sockeye salmon

Pan seared, sundried tomato butter, black olive Relish, Micro Cilantro


Cherrywood smoked chicken thighs

Flame grilled breast, sweet mango chutney 

with spicy harissa sauce. 



Romaine hearts, blistered tomatoes, grilled scallions, halkidiki olive cheeks citric with champagne vinaigrette 

Red pepper hummus

Ground chickpeas, roasted piquillo peppers

 with a smoked pimenton 


Persian cucumber tzatziki

Greek Yogurt, Candied Garlic, Fresh Lemon Zest

Baklava cups

Brown butter, toasted walnuts, wild flower honey

choose your entree

Add your side 

Baised green lentils

Toasted cashews, baby kale, sundried tomatoes

and greek feta cheese.


Faux tabbouleh 

Toasted white quinoa, teardrop tomatoes, flat

leaf parsley with extra virgin olive oil.

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