We are the only Food Truck in the Bay Area
Certified as a Green Business!

Matias Bordaverri, the executive chef and owner, grew up in a Basque-Argentine family where he learned at an early age that collecting eggs, milking cows and picking olives at the family farm was essential to good living. In 1998 he attended the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomia in Buenos Aires, Argentina, earning a certificate in International Culinary techniques. In 2009 Matias opened Whisk Catering based in Redwood City, California. Throughout the 2000's he traveled to Central America and Mexico, where he spent his days researching the art of street food, which led him to open his food truck Whisk on Wheels in 2011. He believes in using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to prepare nutritious meals that support a healthier lifestyle. Matias is a member of the America Personal Chef Association and of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.


Love Food and it will Love you back!